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Wooden Multi-Function Spoon

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One of our most unique spoons in our wooden utensil collection, this multi-function spoon accomplishes little tasks where your other spoons fall short. Narrow and long with a canoe-like scoop, this spoon was originally intended for getting those hard-to-reach cherries, pickles, or olives out of a jar, but we find it's perfect for skimming sauces, tasting, or serving saucy foods and dips. However you use it, it's sure to be a staple in your kitchen.

In the small rural community of Olivehill, Tennessee (population 675), Joseph and a few neighbors make rolling pins, biscuit cutters, bowls, utensils, and other kitchen essentials that are works of "functional art." True to the intention, his work is beautiful, timeless, and upscale, but ready for down home cooking.

  • Note: Due to the nature of wood and handmade products, each spoon has its own unique wood grain pattern and exact size varies from product to product.
Handmade on a farm in Tennessee, USA


11” long. Handle is 3/4" wide with a 1.5" wide scoop.

Material and Care

Cherry or walnut.

Hand wash with warm water and unscented soap if needed. Do not soak. Wood products are not dishwasher safe.

Maintenance: All wood used for cooking tends to dry out overtime. Periodically apply our food-grade Wood Wax to keep your heirloom utensils and boards looking new for a lifetime. Simply apply wax by hand, wait 15 minutes, and buff with a rag for a beautiful matte finish.

Shipping & Packaging

Shipping is always free for orders over $100 (domestic US). A $9 flat rate applies otherwise.

We use 100% compostable and recyclable packing supplies— paper (in multiple forms) being the most common. Apart from the clear protective sleeves for our art prints, we never use plastic.

The case for wooden cooking utensils.

Wooden kitchen utensils have been used for centuries and are still preferred by chefs and homecooks alike. Cooking with wooden spoons, spatulas and salad servers are more than just pretty accents in a crock next to the stove. When it comes to cooking, they far outrival the alternatives. If you aren't familiar with what makes wooden kitchen tools better than metal or plastic, we'll give you more than a few reasons to try them out: 

Won't scratch your cookware: wooden cooking utensils are the most gentle option when it comes to protecting your nonstick pans, or any cookware for that matter. 

Best for health and flavor: they won't leach harmful chemicals into your food (unlike plastic) and wood doesn't react with acids or leave a metallic taste like metal tools typically do. 

Durability: when properly cared for (see our FAQs) wooden utensils can last for generations. Plastic breaks easily and tends to melt if left too close to the stove. 

Environmentally friendly: wood is natural, renewable (when sustainably harvested like all of our products), and biodegradable.