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The Child's Broom

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Do you have a little one that wants to help in the kitchen? This heirloom child's broom is handmade by the Amish community using a traditional loom that has been in the maker's family for over 50 years. Each broom is made using natural corn and straw fibers, which are grown exclusively for this purpose. To bring new life into your used broom, soak the corn fibers in cold water, pull together, and tie with a string to let dry. This broom is the same quality as the adult broom, but smaller. The accompanying dust broom (not included) can be found here.

Whether it be dustpans, brooms, candleholders, or cutting boards, Ennis Park is proud to showcase this community's mastery in making the most simple of everyday items both beautiful and functional for your family and generations to come. 

Handmade in Pennsylvania, USA. 


32" x 18" wide (at sweep)

Materials & Care

Solid polar.

Pre-drilled small rawhide handle for easy hanging.

Shipping & Packaging

Shipping is always free for orders over $100 (Domestic US). A $9 flat rate applies otherwise.

We use 100% compostable and recyclable packing supplies— paper (in multiple forms) being the most common. Apart from the clear protective sleeves for our art prints, we never use plastic.

  • Beauty & Function

    We believe in the power of beautiful, fuctional pieces that foster feelings of joy and contentment in the humble, ordinary moments of our lives.

  • Simple, Sustainable

    We value simple objects that bring nature to our indoor spaces, honor natural resources through sustainable sourcing, and uplift the artisan through fair trade.

  • A Curation of Quality

    Our catalog is full of high-quality, heirloom pieces that work in a variety of aesthetics, last a lifetime, and are distinctive in workmanship and timeless character.

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