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No. 8 Cast Iron Dutch Oven

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This 4.5 quart Field Company dutch oven is one of the most versatile pieces of cookware in the kitchen. It has all the benefits of a traditional cast iron pan, but with more space for slow simmering stews, braising meats, and making perfect pot roast or Beef Bourguignon. Perfect for oven-finished dishes or baking beautiful bread boules. 

Factory seasoned for a naturally non-stick finish.

  • Weight: 6.5 lbs (base); 10.5 lbs (with lid),
  • Lid included.

Proudly made in the USA. 


10.25” top diameter x 7 ⅞" base diameter x 4.4" height. 4.5-quart volume

Materials & Care

Made with recycled iron from American companies.

Pre-heat on low for 5 minutes before cooking. Hand wash only and towel dry—never drip dry or store wet. Apply a thin layer of cooking oil after each use.

Shipping & Packaging

Shipping is always free for orders over $100 (Domestic US). A $9 flat rate applies otherwise.

We use 100% compostable and recyclable packing supplies— paper (in multiple forms) being the most common. Apart from the clear protective sleeves for our art prints, we never use plastic.

The most practical generational heirloom.

When it comes to versatility and longevity, cast iron is the most essential piece of cookware in a cook's cuboard. Once properly seasoned, cast iron has incredible nonstick abilities without the controversial chemicals and short lifespan of a nonstick pan. Cast iron can easily transfer from stove top to oven, can be used on the grill or over a fire, all while providing the most even heat of any cookware on the market.

Cast iron retains heat beautifully and provides food with an even cook. It’s ability to retain heat is essential for acheiving the perfect sear on a steak or the crispiest southern fried chicken. Oven-finished dishes are best suited to a cast iron, as is roasting or braising. 

When considering the cost of cookware, it's important to account for the product's longevity and level of usefulness in the kichen. To us, cast iron takes the cake— and can bake one too!